• We enrolled our son Nicky for Tae Kwon Do mostly to improve his confidence and being able to stand on his own two feet at school being the smallest kid in school every year.  It was supposed to just be a summer thing, Nicky and Tae Kwon Do.  But he loves it and he has got so many more things from it.  He has learned core values and has had a great start to the new school year.  We owe a lot of this to our Advanced Martial Arts Family.  We made the commitment to be Orange Belt by end of summer.  Nicky reached that goal and now has made the commitment to go until he is a Black Belt.  Nicky will go through his journey step by step with his family as support but even more so his Martial Arts Family.  Advanced Martial Arts Family Center is just that, a family.  Seeing each member of the Hamon family work with Nicky and all of the top notch instructors are so patient and helpful, they are driven to see him succeed and it is just a wonderful thing to watch each week.  We know we made the right choice and embrace the commitment to Nicky’s Black Belt journey.
    Thanks, Mark & Mari Allison

  • Advanced Martial Arts is more than just a name…..
    Preston joined AMAi and has been a member for 5 years.  These past 5 years have been incredible for him as he is about to test for his 2nd degree Black Belt.  We are extremely proud of what Preston has accomplished with his belt level but the true value in AMA over the past 5 years is not in his belt level but the amazing life learning’s that the Hamon’s have brought to our young man.
    There are a lot of sports that kids will play during their youth that are important for their development but we really wanted to see Preston find something that could become the core of who he is and who he will become.  Taekwondo is not just a sport, but a way of living that every child should be exposed to during his/her developmental years.  The bonus for us was not just the exposure to Taekwondo, but the personal love and attention the Hamons give to each student during his/her journey.  They treat each child as a member of their own family and quickly become that third party validation to all of the things you are teaching as a parent at home.  AMA is not a place to just come take tests for a belt level – it is a family/community that will be a driving force in your child’s life.  The only regret that I have over the past 5 years is that I did not join at the same time as Preston and take this journey with him.  I have spent many hours thinking about beginning this journey and believe that at some point I will do this with my son.
    There are not words that could ever express the gratitude that Preston’s family has for the Hamons and what they have done for him.   They are special people and we are blessed to have them in our life.
    The Motz Family

  • Advanced Martial Arts is a wonderful, family-centered, martial arts facility. Mr. and Mrs. Hamon are wonderful instructors who are able to meet your child where he/she is and help them to develop into young martial artists. They are patient and kind, but firm when needed. They are life-long learners who help to instill confidence in each student and help each student reach his/her goal. I encourage you and your child to attend a trial class to experience, first-hand, what a wonderful center this is!

    Leslie Williams

  • My son Jordan is autistic and we came to the Family Martial Arts Center to help him defend himself from bullies.  We have been pleased to properly learn not only when and how he should utilize the martial arts but WHY.  The Family Martial Arts program allows not only my son Jordan but my entire family to learn the importance of the martial arts values.  We love the “Family” feeling we get when we come there!  I highly recommend the Hammond family and their wonderful Martial Arts Center!

    To Your Success,
    Di Ann Sanchez, PhD, SPHR
    DAS HR Consulting, LLC

  • We are thrilled to be a part of AMA family.  Gayland and I just celebrated 44 years of wedded bliss. We have always enjoyed activities we can do together.  Tae Kwon Do rocks our world, if someone would have told me 18 months ago we would spar with one another (which we’ve done some, just looked a little different and this is way more fun), learned how to defend and protect ourselves (without a gun or bat) and learned forms that increase mental aptitude and physical agility and attain brown belt status, they would’ve a gotten a mixture of laughter and disbelief from me.  Through perseverance, encouragement and support from the Hamon’s and the AMA family, we are on our own journey to black belt.

    Susan and Gayland Lawshe

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