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The story of our family is a simply one. We love martial arts!
Way back in 2003, we signed up our own twins in martial art classes as an activity that both might enjoy. Little did we know that we would come to love martial arts as a family activity. Better than any gym membership we ever had as a means to keep fit, learn self-defense, build confidence and help teach our kids the benefits of learning core family values from the philosophies that martial arts teaches. Through our own training, we all earned 1st degree black belts and also took on the role as instructors in the Leadership program that was offered to adults and to the children as junior leaders. Over many, many years, we were able to not only improve our own abilities, but those of our fellow students and loved it. It was from this love of learning and teaching that we decided to open our own martial art studio here in Colleyville back in 2007. Through the years we trained harder to not only advance in rank, but to become certified martial art instructors in 3 different Taekwondo style, including Olympic style sparring skills. Along with learning many other forms of martial art, such as Brazilian Ju Jitsu¸ Martial art Weaponry, and the Chinese martial art of Tai Chi.

Our mission here at our own studio has always been to bring out the best of the individual. Each student is special to us. Regardless of their physical ability or even their confidence level, we strive to help them achieve improvements that they themselves could not have imagined when they started. We offer a true family environment that helps to nurture our students in a feeling of mutual respect and discipline. All we ask is that you make the commitment to train regularly and you will see results that you might not have achieved anywhere else.

We are dedicated to providing a fun and safe place for the whole family to train. Our program is designed to help you stay focused and keep you on track for the long term. Learning in steps, to set up a strong foundation that become the solid rock you need to persevere and earn the rank of Black Belt.

Over the years we have been blessed in the friendship we have earned the accolades we have achieved. Our own family has been very active in martial art competition events over the past 10 years and we have been very successful and know what it takes to be champions! Mr. Hamon has been awarded 2013 Instructor of the Year by the Martial Art Hall of Fame this past summer. Mrs. Hamon earned a title as 2007 State Sparring Champion. Angelle Hamon was awarded First Place National Champion Title for 3rd Degree Black Belt Division Overall Tournament Champion. Both of the kids have been awarded more metals from sparring, forms, weapons, competitions that we could ever list here. Through our own ongoing training and commitment, we bring you the very best martial arts training with the most unique styles from which to learn. We are the only center in the North Texas area with this cutting edge curriculum. Our own students have voted us in as the Best of the Best martial art studios with the Grapevine Colleyville Courier for the past 3 years!

Our determination is endless. In 2012 it was evident to us that we had already out-grown our first facility on Glade Rd & Colleyville Blvd., so the only logical solution was to move to a bigger place. In April of 2013 we moved from a 3,000 sq. ft. space to a 6,000 sq. ft. state of the art martial art center. We are the largest martial arts dedicated facility in the Mid-cities area. Being family owned and operated is our best feature! We live, work and play here in Colleyville. We’re thrilled to be able to be strong supporters of our own neighborhood and families here in our city.
Whatever your goals may be, we have the right place for you to come to….our family center!

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