Advanced Martial Arts Family Center



Colleyville has a TRUE Martial Arts FAMILY CENTER!  Come by and feel the difference.  We care about every student.  Give us a chance, and you will see that we can bring out the best in anyone!  Our Family Martial Arts Center stresses martial arts and life skills. Our vision for the Colleyville area is ever-expanding.  We offer classes for all levels of student (White through Black Belt).Children and Adults are welcome at our school.  If you are interested in being a part of our family, please  EMAIL US @ amai.dfw9@yahoo.com, with your name, phone number and age of student(s) and we will get back to you ASAP.

Basics - Basics are the hand and foot techniques along with stances we teach in our system. Our basics are derived from traditional Tae Kwon Do and many other martial art forms incorporated to create our system.

FIGHTING FORMS – We teach fighting forms as a means to demonstrate the various skills learned at every rank level. We take Taekwondo many martial art forms, including some boxing techniques blended together for fluid movement and efficiency. These skills are invaluable as a means of self-defense & to help students learn proper strategic sparring skills. These forms are performed with the intent of having an attacker or multiple attackers as a means of understanding the reason behind each technique. They are also a primary method of learning to be fast, to react and to defend in continuous motion.

POOMSE (Forms) – Tae Kwon Do styles can vary from traditional styles, Olympic styles, to those that have been incorporated into a mixed style of martial art. This blended style is designed to bring students to a higher level of skill and understanding in an advanced method of teaching and learning. These forms are invaluable for physical and mental conditioning. Quite simply, forms are prearranged set of stances, strikes, and blocks performed against multiple, imagined attackers. These forms (poomse) are a necessary part of training our minds to think geometrically and our bodies to instinctively move properly. They are practiced to develop STRENGTH, TIMING, BALANCE, CORE BODY STRENGTH AND COORDINATION.

Sparring -Sparring is essential to learning to use all our skills in a spontaneous method of practicing martial arts. It’s more of an aerobic aspect of the sport of Taekwondo. We teach a self-defensive style of sparring, and also offer Olympic style sparring for those that want to pursue a more aggressive style of sparring and competition. We wear head, foot, hand, mouth, and groin protectors (when sparring) to facilitate a safe environment for practicing our techniques against an opponent. The level of contact is gradually introduced as the student learns to both block and to strike with control. This part of our training is practically the only way to assure that what we are learning will work in a real life situation.

Phone: 817-488-1088
Address: 6125 Colleyville Blvd (Hwy 26)
Colleyville TX, 76034
(Just north of Hall Johnson)

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